How Much Can I Sell My Sterling Silver Flatware For?

Although I prefer not to end a sentence with a preposition(!)...I am guessing that this is your most important question!

So... let's talk about the knives in your sterling silver flatware set  - you need to know this first.

Granted, there are many different types in the flatware serving knives, however, to keep it simple we will just focus on the basic dinner knife most likely included with the rest of your sterling flatware setting.

The reason I want to draw your attention to this is because the dinner knife in your sterling silver flatware set is NOT comprised entirely of sterling silver. The knife blade itself is typically made of stainless (and usually labeled as such); the handle, however, IS sterling silver (and also labeled as such).

For purposes of this blog entry, we will address the weighted dinner knife only.

Here is the before and after picture of an 8.5 in. sterling dinner knife with a 4.75 in. handle:


As you can see, there is a stainless blade with shaft that inserts into the sterling handle. And the lower right portion of the photograph displays the filler in this particular knife. The typical filler is plaster (as shown above) for weight and form.

Additionally, many knives can contain lead fillers as well for balance. This is what will make a difference in how much silver yield is actually contained in the knife itself. Basically,it is the remaining sheath of the handle that is actually sterling.
OK...Bottom line in this example is that, unfortunately, your knives although they seem to have a lot of weight they just don't contain a high amount of silver.

So, if you do weigh the items yourself, the best way to obtain a realistic weight is to exclude the knives.

Now, if you have spoons and forks and the majority of other serving pieces....Cha Ching! They are all sterling and contain the highest amounts of silver.

I will be addressing further examples of additional sterling silver flatware pieces on this blog so that you may have a realistic idea of what you could expect to be paid for your sterling silver flatware in today's market.

I hope you found this helpful and useful.

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